Air Squared Projects

60 kW Semi-Hermetic Scroll Expander

The E46H122A-SH represents a second generation large-scale scroll expander that provides 60-100 kWe output power.

E46H122A-SH 60 kW Semi-Hermetic Scroll Expander
E46H122A-SH 60 kW Semi-Hermetic Scroll Expander

Despite being the largest single-stage scroll devices ever built, the E46H122A-SH is still considered compact relative to power output. With 10 bara inlet pressure and at a running speed of 1,800 RPM, the unit is designed to provide 60 kWe power output. With minor design modification and the right operating conditions, the unit can provide up to 100 kWe. The unit is designed for to displace 1,424 cm3/Rev. and has a volume ratio of 3.5.

The lubricated expander is compatible with a range of refrigerants and working fluids. A unique oil-injection system ensures adequate lubricant circulation to the idler bearings, maximizing bearing life. The semi-hermetic expander also features a patented magnetic coupling configuration that isolates the generator from the working fluid.