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Compact Oil-Free Scroll Compressor for Medical Devices

Intended as a lower-cost replacement for the popular P11H012A-BLDC-C scroll compressor, the near-silent P07H015A-BLDC-C is specifically designed for medical applications that require oil-free compressed air.

P07H015A-BLDC-C Scroll Compressor
P07H015A-BLDC-C Scroll Compressor

In 2001, Air Squared released the P11H012A-BLDC-C scroll compressor for use in portable medical oxygen concentrators. The small-scale pump quickly became a flagship product for Air Squared, being integrated into additional medical applications across the globe.

After more than fifteen years in service, the P11H012A-BLDC-C will be replaced by the P07H015A-BLDC-C scroll compressor. The P07H015A-BLDC-C is more compact and lightweight than its predecessor, with the same performance capability and ultra-quiet operation that made the P11H012A-BLDC-C an attractive alternative to diaphragm and piston compressors.

The initial release of the P07H015A-BLDC-C is intended to support OEMs looking for a low-cost, ultra-quiet, oil-free compressor that is capable of flow up to 12 lpmv and pressure up to 2 barg. Over the next year, Air Squared will continue to develop the P07H015A-BLDC-C, with a focus on further cost reduction.

P07H015A-BLDC-C Features

  • 100% Oil-Free
  • Ultra-Quiet, Smooth Operation
  • Compact, Lightweight Design
  • Varibale Speed BLDC Motor
  • Flow up to 12 lpmv and Pressure up to 2 barg

Update August 2nd, 2017 – The P07H015A-BLDC-C is now released to production – P07H015A-BLDC-C Scroll Compressor. Additional unit configurations will be released in Q4 2018.