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Silent Series Scroll Compressors

Patented Silent Series™ scroll compressors from Air Squared provide unmatched sound levels, industry-leading flow stability, and 100% oil-free operation in a compact design.

When noise, performance, size, and weight matter, Silent Series scroll compressors offer OEMs an attractive alternative to the traditional diaphragm and piston compressors. By introducing a proprietary coating to the fixed scroll and orbiting scroll, Silent Series scroll compressors set a new benchmark for quiet, smooth, and 100% oil-free operation.

Silent Series Advantages

100% Oil-Free
Maintain the purity of your system with oil-free scroll technology
Significantly lower dB than competing piston and diaphragm technology
Smooth Operation
Dynamically balanced, valve-less, and near pulsation-free
Compact, Lightweight Design
Ideal for portable applications where size and weight matter
Cost Competitive
Low-cost compressor configurations for OEMs
Efficient Performance
Continuous compression process with no re-expansion or throttling losses

Silent Series Applications

  • Oxygen Concentrator
  • Nebulizer
  • Patient Simulation Manikin
  • Pressure Ulcer Mattress
  • Dialysis Machine
  • Respirator (Ventilator)
  • Circulation Therapy
  • Wound Aeration
  • Artificial Heart Driver
  • Body Fluid Analysis
  • Nitrogen Generator
  • Air Bearings
  • Air Sampling and Monitoring

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Qualified OEMs should consult Air Squared for custom configurations and application specific requirements.

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Learn More About Silent Series Scroll Compressors

Silent Series™ scroll compressors offer OEMs the quietest oil-free compressor solution available. Learn more about the technology behind Silent Series designs from Air Squared and how it can support your application.

Silent Series Scroll Compressor Technology Overview

The namesake of traditional scroll-type designs are the two primary components, an orbiting scroll, and a fixed scroll. The orbiting scroll is coupled to a crankshaft that orbits the scroll eccentrically, following a fixed path with respect to the mating (fixed) scroll, creating a series of crescent-shaped pockets between the two scrolls. In the case of a scroll compressor, the working fluid moves from the periphery (inlet) towards the center (discharge) through increasingly smaller pockets, generating compression.

The operating principles of oil-free scroll compressors are similar to those of lubricated scroll compressors commonly used throughout the refrigeration industry. The primary difference is oil-free scroll compressors use three idler shafts to maintain a close running clearance between the fixed and orbiting scroll instead of an Oldham ring.

Oil-free scroll compressors operate without lubrication, so tight machining tolerances are required to mitigate leakage. Using a proprietary scroll coating, Silent Series scroll compressors from Air Squared further reduce the running clearance between the fixed scroll and orbiting scroll, allowing small-scale oil-free scroll designs to operate at volumetric efficiencies previously unachievable.

Silent Series Scroll Compressor Advantages

  • Silent Series scroll compressors are 100% oil-free.
  • Silent Series scroll compressors are considerably more quiet and smooth-running than competing technology, such as reciprocating. The geometry of the scroll delivers continuous flow and eliminates the need for valves, resulting in significantly less port pulsation and associated noise. The unique orbital motion is dynamically balanced, minimizing vibration and reducing rubbing velocity far below piston rings or vanes. Combined with the absence of several moving parts, Silent Series scroll compressors offer a vast improvement over traditional technology, with quiet, smooth, pulsation-free operation.
  • Silent Series scroll compressors eliminate re-expansion losses – a problem found in reciprocating machines with every piston stroke – improving volumetric efficiency. Additionally, throttling losses are nonexistent with the valveless design.
  • Silent Series scroll compressors offer a durable and robust solution, with 70% fewer moving parts than reciprocating technology and only two primary moving parts.

Silent Series Scroll Compressor News

Low-Cost Natural Gas Pump Prototype (First Generation)

Cost Barriers Shattered with Low-Cost Pump Development

September 1, 2017

ARPA-E funds scroll development to optimize cost, opening dozens of markets previously too cost-sensitive to consider scroll technology.

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Air Squared featured in Machine Design magazine

Air Squared in Machine Design

September 19, 2011

Machine Design has recently featured an article introducing Air Squared's P6H8N3.0 miniature scroll compressor.

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P6H8N3.0 Miniature Scroll Compressor

Miniature Compressor Development Complete

February 12, 2011

Air Squared has finished development on the first scroll-type, continuous-duty, high-efficiency miniature compressor.

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InoGen One

Air Squared Helps Inogen Oxygen Concentrator

March 4, 2005

Rotary scroll compressor helps new Inogen One oxygen concentrator break sound, weight, and battery-life barriers.

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P12H20N2.5 Scroll Compressor and Vacuum Pump

Tapping Scroll Technology for Pulse-free Air

January 1, 2002

New oil-free 0.5 hp compressor and vacuum pump taps clean, reliable scroll technology for pulse-free air in medical devices.

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Silent Series Scroll Compressor Projects

P09H017A-BLDC Silent Series Scroll Compressor

Versatile, Compact, Silent Series™ Scroll Compressor

October 17, 2019

The P09H017A-BLDC expands Air Squared’s Silent Series™ line of ultra-quiet, compact scroll compressors and vacuum pumps.

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P05H012A-BLDC-C Miniature Scroll Compressor

Extremely Quiet Miniature Compressor for Medical Applications

March 30, 2018

The P05H012A-BLDC-C is poised to become the smallest and quietest production scroll compressor offered by Air Squared.

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P07H015A-BLDC-C Medical Compressor

Compact Oil-Free Scroll Compressor for Medical Devices

March 2, 2017

Intended as a lower-cost replacement for the popular P11H012A-BLDC-C scroll compressor, the near-silent P07H015A-BLDC-C is specifically designed for medical applications that require oil-free compressed air.

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Silent Series Scroll Compressor FAQs

Monitoring speed is an important aspect of operating a scroll compressor or vacuum pump, as operation over the specified maximum speed can result in premature or catastrophic failure.

For scroll compressors and vacuum pumps that have a brushless DC motor, speed can be measured by connecting a digital tachometer between a hall sensor and ground. The tachometer must be programmed to the correct number of pulses per revolution, which can be determined by dividing the numbers of motor poles by 2. For example, an 8-pole motor will have 4 pulses per revolution. Alternatively, an oscilloscope can also be used to measure the frequency of the hall sensors. Divide the measured frequency by the number of pulses per revolution and multiply by 60 to determine the RPM. For scroll compressors and vacuum pumps that have an AC motor, speed can be measured by multiplying the frequency of the variable frequency drive (VFD) by 60 to determine the RPM.

Air Squared does not provide operation manuals for most products.

Given the specialized nature of our scroll products, Air Squared works directly with OEM customers to install, operate, test, evaluate, and service products. Customers who require an operation manual should contact their Sales Representative. If you do not have a Sales Representative, start with our Application Assistant or contact Sales directly. Application Assistant

Looking at the face of the unit, the motor shaft for scroll compressors and scroll vacuum pumps rotates clockwise.

Most Air Squared products do not have a CE conformity marking.

Our products are primarily designed for OEMs and not intended for end users. As most OEM systems already require CE marking, conformity specific to an Air Squared product is generally not required. OEM customers that require conformity specific to an Air Squared product should contact their Sales Representative.

Most scroll compressors have a discharge port centered on the face of the unit, with the inlet port positioned near the periphery.