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Oil-Free Scroll Compressors for Automotive OEMs
Scroll Technology for Electric Bus Air Braking

Oil-free and liquid-cooled scroll compressors from Air Squared provide heavy-duty HEV and EV buses a quiet, compact, and reliable compressor solution for air brake and auxiliary systems that easily integrates with existing cooling systems.

As the commercial automotive industry races to electrify bus fleets, improve efficiency, and incorporate new vehicle technology, leading OEMs continue to turn to Air Squared for the advanced compressor solution they need on the buses of tomorrow. With a growing line of liquid-cooled scroll compressors engineered specifically for commercial EV air braking, Air Squared can deliver a quiet, ultra-compact, oil and maintenance-free alternative to traditional lubricated piston compressors.

Products for Electric Bus Air Braking

100% Oil-Free
Maintain the purity of your system with oil-free scroll technology
Compact and Lightweight Design
Space-saving cooling system and fewer moving parts than competing technology
Quiet and Smooth Operation
Dynamically balanced, valve-less, and nearly pulsation-free
Efficient, High-Pressure Performance
Liquid cooling for high-pressure operation with volumetric efficiency up to 95%
Sealed or Semi-Hermetic Design
Immersion protection and configurable for gases other than air
Reliable and Durable Solution
Extended life, long service intervals, and simple field maintenance

Electric Bus Air Braking
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Liquid-Cooled Series Badge

Designed for Automotive OEMs

Liquid-Cooled Series™ scroll compressors make the quiet, smooth, and efficient performance of oil-free scroll technology available for high-pressure operation.

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Oil Free Liquid Cooled Scroll Technology Overview Video

Electric Bus Air Braking
Technology Compared

Liquid-cooled scroll technology significantly expands the performance capability of oil-free scroll compressors by introducing effective cooling to the fixed scroll and orbiting scroll.

  • Flow*
  • Pressure*
  • Oil Carry-Over
  • Noise
  • Size
  • Weight
  • Life
  • Maintenance

  • Lubricated

  • Oil-Free,


  • Lubricated


  • Lubricated


* Table assumes generally representative products that accommodate relatively similar pressures and flow rates.

The information presented in this table is based on technical documentation and benchmark testing conducted at Air Squared from generally representative products of compared technologies. Air Squared makes no claim regarding specific models or brands of compressors or vacuum pumps.

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