Headquartered twenty-five miles outside of Denver, Air Squared occupies a 22,000 square foot facility with all company functions under one roof. The strategic and central location at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains is in close proximity to the country’s largest airport, over sixteen accredited engineering schools, and a wide base of qualified vendors.

Featuring development laboratories, precision machine tools, advanced inspection equipment, an extensive range of testing capability, and multiple assembly lines, Air Squared’s facility is purpose-built to support full implementation of the development process – from concept to high-volume production.

Design, Prototype, and Validation

CNC Scroll Fabrication

CNC Scroll Fabrication

As a technology-focused company, exceptional engineering is at the heart of every Air Squared design. Using open office space in close proximity to development laboratories, Air Squared fosters a collaborative work environment between engineering teams. Advanced simulation, modeling, and analytical software are fully networked, allowing state-of-the-art engineering tools, such as thermal modeling, computational fluid dynamics, and finite element analysis, to be available throughout the entire facility.

To keep projects on-schedule and on-budget, engineering teams have access to in-house fabrication and inspection equipment. High-accuracy computer numeric control (CNC) machining centers are dedicated to prototype machining, allowing critical components to be quickly fabricated to the highest precision obtainable with current technology. A manual coordinate measuring machine (CMM) provides detailed inspection capability on the fly.

Development laboratories are adaptable to projects of varying scope. Using flexible facility design, laboratories can be configured and reconfigured. This enables Air Squared to accommodate a broad range of simultaneous projects, without sacrificing needed space or implementing costly facility modifications.

CMM Scroll Inspection

CMM Scroll Inspection

Design validation is a critical phase of product development. To support the process, engineering teams have access to extensive on-site testing capability. Several calibrated test benches are available for measurements over a wide-range of operation conditions. A separate area of the facility is used for safely testing at high-pressure or using a closed-loop setup, for testing with unique and potentially dangerous working fluids. Accurate sound measurements are conducted using a semi-anechoic chamber and a temperature-controlled environment is available for long-term life and reliability programs.

Production, Quality, and Qualification

As an ISO 9001 certified facility, Air Squared understands quality is fundamental to production. To handle the challenges associated with manufacturing high-variation products over a wide-range of production volumes, every process has been refined and continually improved over fifteen years. Using robust manufacturing resources planning (MRP), vertical integration and strategic sourcing, balanced assembly line design with networked workstations, interactive work instructions, and automated qualification of every product, Air Squared maintains the highest standard of quality in high-variation production, while remaining cost-completive over a range of production volumes.

Scroll Pack Assembly

Scroll Pack Assembly

Vertical integration of critical components allows Air Squared to reduce cost while improving quality. To support low-volume production, critical components are fabricated using high-accuracy vertical CNCs. Horizontal machining centers with automated pallet loading are reserved for high-volume production. State-of-the-art CMMs are used to run automated inspection procedures on all critical components.

With Flexible facility design, assembly lines can be quickly setup to execute low-volume production runs, while the use of balanced assembly layouts, allows Air Squared to quickly scale production for high-volume production. All processes are tracked using robust manufacturing resources planning, then evaluated using several key performance indicators.

For product qualification, Air Squared uses National Instruments LabVIEW and automated data acquisition to individually qualify every product prior to shipment.

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