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Custom Scroll Design and Development

Air Squared is the industry leader in oil-free scroll design and development, with more oil-free scroll design and development experience than any other company.

Air Squared has made custom scroll design and development a central aspect of our business model for over three decades. With the ability to deliver custom scroll solutions in under six months, hundreds of successful projects to our credit, and a long history of innovation, your compressor or vacuum pump can be designed, prototyped, validated, and manufactured at volume with the confidence of knowing you have the ideal scroll solution.

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Design Capability Snapshot

Flow0 to 3,550 lpmv
Pressure0 to 15 barg
Vacuum1,013 to 0.01 mbara
Fluid CompatibilityAir, CO2, CO, N, Ar, He, SF6, Natural Gas, CH4, Refrigerant, H2, O2, NH3, CH4, Steam, Other

Design Experience Range

Product Line Coverage

Custom Scroll Design and Development

From scaling existing scroll solutions to creating new ones, Air Squared has an incrediblybroad range of design and development capability

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Custom Scroll Design and Development

Air Squared combines decades of design experience, agile engineering practices, and scalable manufacturing processes to take a custom scroll solutions from a blank sheet of paper to series production in as little as 16 months.

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Custom Scroll Design and Development
Experience Matters

Air Squared has developed scroll solutions for applications in our atmosphere, the Martian atmosphere, and everything in between.

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On April 20, 2021, a compact scroll compressor onboard the Perseverance rover helped NASA produce oxygen on another planet for the first time. The achievement represents the biggest milestone in Air Squared history, only made possible by an engineering team deeply rooted in innovation for over thirty years.

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Following the development of an oil-free scroll refrigeration compressor that is capable of operating in zero-gravity, Air Squared has developed and flight-tested a Zero-Gravity Vapor-Compression Refrigerator (ZVCR) for space-bound food storage. The project is a collaboration between Air Squared, Purdue University, and Whirlpool Corporation.

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The Plug and Play Micro-ORC is a 1 kW waste heat recovery system developed by Air Squared with support from Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy that is designed to provide on-site, emission-free, power generation at home or business.

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Air Squared is developing oil-free scroll refrigeration compressors to support advanced environmental control systems in aerospace and military applications.

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Oil-free scroll technology from Air Squared has supported the Department of Energy with efficient compressor, vacuum pump, and expander solutions to help power a cleaner tomorrow.

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From space life support systems to a compact scroll compressor onboard the Perseverance rover for in-situ resource utilization, Air Squared has helped NASA leverage oil-free scroll technology to support even the most demanding applications.

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