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Oil-Free Scroll Compressors for Automotive OEMs
Scroll Technology for Autonomous Vehicle Sensor Cleaning

Autonomous vehicle OEMs use oil-free scroll compressors from Air Squared to deliver high-pressure continuous flow for cleaning vehicle sensors.

Autonomous vehicles use numerous sensors to map surroundings, detect objects, and provide other critical data that enables autonomous driving. As the AVs of tomorrow become increasingly more capable, effective sensor cleaning is critical for safe navigation.

Oil-free scroll technology provides a quiet alternative to traditional reciprocating technology, allowing for a better passenger experience. Solutions can be designed to accommodate a range of performance requirements and operate continuous duty, eliminating the need for an air tank and reducing the size and weight of cleaning systems.

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Autonomous Vehicle Sensor Cleaning
Custom Design and Development

With an ever-expanding range of design capabilities, Air Squared has unique solutions for unique automotive applications.

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Oil-Free Design

Oil-free scroll technology offers a non-lubricated alternative to traditional technology like piston, diaphragm, and vane.


With patented liquid-cooled scroll technology, scroll compressors can be designed for pressure ratios that were previously unattainable.

Compact Footprint

Unique staged and co-rotating scroll configurations allow scroll designs to fit in tight envelopes without sacrificing performance.

Elevated Temperatures

With highly effective liquid cooling, scroll compressors can be designed to withstand harsh temperatures and environmental conditions.

Autonomous Vehicle Sensor Cleaning
Technology Innovation

Not familiar with oil-free scroll technology? This is the best place to start for a basic understanding of the technology behind Air Squared.

Flow0 to 3,550 lpmv
Pressure0 to 15 barg
Vacuum1,013.25 to 0.01 mbara

Design Experience Range

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