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Oil-Free Scroll Compressors for Medical OEMs
Scroll Technology for Home Dialysis

Scroll solutions from Air Squared are used in next-generation automated peritoneal dialysis (APD) cyclers around the globe and offer a lifeline to patients with kidney disease.

Home dialysis machines allow patients with end-stage renal disease to receive continuous cycling peritoneal dialysis at home while they sleep, dramatically improving their quality of life. Advanced cyclers use pumps to support pneumatic functions that deliver dialysate to the peritoneal cavity and then drain out of the body.

Oil-free scroll compressors deliver continuous flow at pressure and vacuum without the noise and vibration associated with piston and diaphragm compressors, providing ultra-quiet operation that is barely noticeable during treatment. Additionally, Air Squared can design around unique packaging requirements, so your device can be as compact as possible.

Home Dialysis
Product Lines

Designed for Medical OEMs

Silent Series™ scroll compressors and vacuum pumps provide unmatched sound levels, smooth operation, and 100% oil-free performance in a compact design.

Silent Series P05h012a Bldc C Oil Free Scroll Compressor Overview Video

Home Dialysis
Technology Compared

Oil-free scroll technology uses a simple and elegant design with two primary components to generate pressure and deliver continuous flow.

  • Flow*
  • Pulsation
  • Pressure*
  • Vacuum
  • Noise
  • Vibration
  • Size
  • Weight
  • Efficiency
  • Life
  • Oil-Free
  • Oil-Free
  • Oil-Free
    Rocking Piston

* Table assumes generally representative products that accommodate relatively similar pressures and flow rates.

The information presented in this table is based on technical documentation and benchmark testing conducted at Air Squared from generally representative products of compared technologies. Air Squared makes no claim regarding specific models or brands of compressors or vacuum pumps.