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Oil-Free Scroll Compressors for Aerospace
Scroll Technology for On-Board Oxygen Generation Systems

Scroll compressor solutions from Air Squared are compact, efficient, and used on several commercial and military airframes - ideal for airborne oxygen generation.

On-board oxygen generation systems (OBOGS) eliminate the heavy steel bottles required by liquid oxygen systems, and in turn, significantly reduce weight, risk, and maintenance. An air compressor is a key part of the pressure swing adsorption process used to generate oxygen, providing pilots an unlimited source of oxygen-enriched breathable air.

When compared to piston compressors, oil-free scroll compressors are reliable, durable, and efficient, making them ideal for aerospace applications. Additionally, Air Squared can design around unique packaging and weight requirements, so your device can be as compact and lightweight as possible.

Products for On-board Oxygen Generation Systems

100% Oil-Free
Maintain the purity of your system with oil-free scroll technology
Quiet and Smooth Operation
Dynamically balanced, valve-less, and nearly pulsation-free
Compact and Lightweight Design
Fewer moving parts than competing technology
Reliable and Durable Solution
Long product life and simple field maintenance
Efficient Performance
Continuous compression with no re-expansion or throttling losses
Variable Speed
Ideal performance over a range of duty cycles – 100% continuous to intermittent
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On-board Oxygen Generation System
Custom Design and Development

With an ever-expanding range of design capabilities, Air Squared has unique solutions for unique aerospace requirements.

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Spinning scroll technology provides aerospace applications the lightest compressor and vacuum pump solution available.

Oil-Free Design

Oil-free scroll technology offers a non-lubricated alternative to traditional technology like piston, diaphragm, and vane.

Compact Footprint

Unique staged and co-rotating scroll configurations allow scroll compressors and vacuum pumps to fit in small envelopes without sacrificing performance.


When minimal power consumption is critical, leverage the inherent efficiency advantage of orbiting and spinning scroll technology.

Gases Other Than Air

With several patented semi-hermetic configurations, scroll compressors and vacuum pumps can be used for far more than moving air.

Elevated Temperatures

Using patented liquid-cooled scroll technology and stainless steel or other alloys, solutions can be designed to withstand harsh temperatures and environmental conditions.

On-board Oxygen Generation System
Technology Innovation

Not familiar with oil-free scroll technology? This is the best place to start for a basic understanding of the technology behind Air Squared.

Flow0 to 3,550 lpmv
Pressure0 to 15 barg
Vacuum1,013.25 to 0.01 mbara

Design Experience Range

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