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Clean Energy
Experience Matters

Air Squared has supported numerous power generation systems, as well as developed a few of our own.

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Oil-free scroll technology from Air Squared has supported the Department of Energy with efficient compressor, vacuum pump, and expander solutions to help power a cleaner tomorrow.

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The Plug and Play Micro-ORC is a 1 kW waste heat recovery system developed by Air Squared with support from Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy that is designed to provide on-site, emission-free, power generation at home or business.

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Clean Energy
Custom Design and Development

With an ever-expanding range of design capabilities, Air Squared has unique solutions for unique energy applications.

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Oil-Free Design

Oil-free scroll technology offers a non-lubricated alternative to traditional technology like piston, diaphragm, and vane.

Gasses Other Than Air

With several patented semi-hermetic configurations, scroll technology can be used for far more than moving air.


When minimal power consumption is critical, leverage the inherent efficiency advantage of scroll technology.

Elevated Temperatures

Using patented liquid-cooled scroll technology scroll compressors can be designed to withstand harsh temperatures and environmental conditions.

Clean Energy
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