Air Squared is committed to advancing scroll technology with continued innovation in the field. This timeline showcases some of the advancements that highlight not only our company’s history but also the development of scroll technology over the past 20 years.

  • Fall, 1991

    Robert Shaffer founds Air Squared in Cincinnati, OH, with the goal of developing and licensing scroll technology in various market areas.

  • Summer, 1992

    Air Squared releases first scroll design:

    Compact Oil-free Scroll Compressor for Medical Oxygen Concentrator

  • Summer, 1995

    Air Squared awarded first patent:

    Improved Scroll Tip-Seal Design Configuration

  • Summer, 1995

    Exhibit at first trade show:

    Medical Design & Manufacturing Midwest

  • Fall, 1999

    Develop the first two-stage scroll vacuum pump:

    V10T16N4.0 Two-Stage Vacuum Pump

    Two Stage Vauum pump
  • Summer, 2001

    Robert Shaffer and Mike Mansdorfer found Air Squared Manufacturing, Inc. as the manufacturing arm of Air Squared, with the purpose of supplying Air Squared’s clients and customers with high-quality scroll compressors and vacuum pumps.

  • Fall, 2001

    Air Squared successfully tests the largest scroll ever designed:

    E33H70N4.25 Cryogenic Expander

  • Fall, 2001

    Move into first manufacturing facility in Broomfield, CO and begin production.

    Mountains near Broomfield CO
  • Fall, 2002

    Exhibit at the Fuel Cell Seminar for the first time, showcasing the:

    P32H58N2.25 Fuel Cell Scroll Compressor

    Fuel Cell Seminar
  • Fall, 2003

    Develop smallest scroll refrigeration compressor ever designed:

    R4H4N3.25 Refrigeration Compressor

    Scroll technology graphic
  • Spring, 2004

    Manufacture first unit for an aerospace application – the Airbus A380:

    P19H38N4.0 Scroll Compressor

  • Spring, 2004

    Develop the first water-cooled scroll compressor:

    P18H36N4.25 Scroll Compressor

    scroll compressor
  • Spring, 2005

    Featured in Medical Design with Inogen Corp. for oxygen concentrator project using the compact scroll compressor:

    Better Living Through PUMPS

  • Summer, 2006

    Develop tritium vacuum pump while researching working with new fluids:

    V15H34N6.0 Hermetic Vacuum Pump

  • Summer, 2006

    Awarded patent for the first scroll design to achieve pressure and vacuum on the same scroll.

    Scroll, pressure and vacuum
  • Winter, 2006

    Develop Air Squared’s first scroll expander for commercial use:

    E15H22N4.25 Scroll Expander

  • Fall, 2007

    Establish highest pressure ever achieved by a scroll compressor at 200 psi(g):

    P18H36N6.25 Water-Cooled Scroll Compressor

  • Winter, 2007

    Develop 12,000 RPM co-rotating scroll vacuum pump.

    co-rotating scroll vacuum pump
  • Spring, 2009

    Establish highest vacuum ever achieved by a scroll pump with development of first three-stage scroll vacuum pump:

    V12T22N4.0 Three-Stage Scroll Vacuum Pump

  • Spring, 2009

    Develop one of the smallest scroll compressors ever designed:

    P6H8N3.0 Miniature Scroll Compressor

  • Fall, 2009

    Develop 12,000 RPM co-rotating scroll compressor.

    12,000 rpm co-rotating scroll compressor
  • Fall, 2009

    Air Squared expands current facility in Broomfield, CO – doubling assembly square footage and adding office space.

  • Fall, 2009

    Featured in Machine Design for developing the V12T22N4.0, the first three-stage vacuum pump:

    Compact Scroll Pump Doesn’t Need Turbo Boost to Make Vacuum

  • Fall, 2010

    Air Squared Manufacturing adds quality certification:

    ISO 9001:2008

  • Spring, 2011

    Expand manufacturing operations for the second time in 2 years, relocating facility and adding three times the square footage.

  • Spring, 2011

    Featured in Machine Design for developing P6H8N3.0 Miniature Scroll Compressor:

    Air Squared Developed World’s Smallest Continuous-Duty Scroll Compressor

  • Fall, 2011

    Purchase second Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine.

    CNC Machine
  • Winter, 2011

    Purchase Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine and Coordinate-Measuring Machine (CMM) to begin in-house scroll machining, improving quality and streamlining manufacturing process.

  • Fall, 2014

    Air Squared relocates into stand-alone 23,000 square foot Broomfield, CO facility, doubling total square footage.

    Air Squared Expands into New Facility

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