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Air Squared drives innovation by continuously challenging limits of possibility. This timeline not only showcases our company history but also Air Squared’s contribution to the advancement of scroll technology over the last thirty years.

  • Fall, 1991

    Robert Shaffer founds Air Squared, Inc. in Cincinnati, OH, with the goal of developing and licensing scroll technology in various market areas.

  • Summer, 1992

    Air Squared releases its first scroll design – a compact oil-free compressor for a portable oxygen concentrator.

  • Summer, 1995

    Air Squared is awarded its first patent for an improved tip seal design in an oil-free scroll compressor, beginning a culture of innovation that leads to over twenty scroll technology-related design patents by 2020.

  • Fall, 1999

    Air Squared develops the first oil-free scroll vacuum pump with two integrated stages, paving the way for Staged Scroll Technology TM.

  • Fall, 2001

    Robert Shaffer and Mike Mansdorfer found Air Squared Manufacturing, Inc. in Broomfield, CO with the goal of mass-producing unique oil-free scroll compressor and vacuum pump designs for OEMs.

  • Fall, 2003

    Air Squared successfully demonstrates the world’s smallest scroll refrigeration compressor.

  • Spring, 2004

    Air Squared begins manufacturing an oil-free scroll compressor design for the potable water system onboard the Airbus A380, the world’s largest passenger airliner.

  • Spring, 2004

    Air Squared develops the first liquid-cooled oil-free scroll compressor, paving the way for Liquid-Cooled Scroll TechnologyTM.

  • Summer, 2006

    Air Squared develops an oil-free scroll vacuum pump compatible with radioactive tritium, paving the way for All-Metal Scroll TechnologyTM.

  • Fall, 2006

    Air Squared designs the first scroll device capable of simultaneous pressure and vacuum using a single fixed and orbiting scroll.

  • Fall, 2007

    Air Squared successfully demonstrates pressure capability over 14 barg for the US Army – the highest pressure ever achieved by an oil-free scroll compressor.

  • Winter, 2008

    Air Squared develops a 12,000 RPM co-rotating scroll vacuum pump, paving the way for Spinning Scroll TechnologyTM.

  • Spring, 2009

    Air Squared successfully demonstrates the world’s smallest oil-free scroll compressor.

  • Winter, 2009

    Air Squared successfully demonstrates vacuum capability below 5 mTorr for the Department of Homeland Security – the deepest vacuum ever achieved by a scroll vacuum pump without using a backing pump.

  • Fall, 2010

    Air Squared implements a new quality management system and receives ISO 9001:2008 certification.

  • Winter, 2011

    Air Squared expands production facility and commits to machining all scroll hardware, across all product lines, exclusively in-house.

  • Spring, 2014

    Air Squared successfully demonstrates the world’s largest single-stage scroll device.

  • Spring, 2014

    Air Squared develops the first small-scale positive displacement cryogenic pump, paving the way for CryoScroll TechnologyTM.

  • Fall, 2014

    Air Squared relocates production facility in Broomfield, CO, doubling assembly and machining square footage.

  • Winter, 2016

    Air Squared Group, Inc. is founded with the goal of improving synergy between design engineering and manufacturing, allowing for more competitive products that can be delivered faster and cheaper.

  • Winter 2020

    Air Squared implements an environmental management system and receives ISO 14001:2015 certification.

  • Spring, 2021

    A compact scroll compressor developed by Air Squared operates perfectly on the surface of Mars, helping convert carbon dioxide into oxygen as part of the Mars Oxygen In-Situ Resource Utilization Experiment onboard the Perseverance rover.