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Patented All-Metal Series™ scroll vacuum pumps from Air Squared are designed to have only metallic wetted parts, allowing for compatibility with any working fluid - ideal for handling tritium and other radioactive, toxic, or corrosive gases.

The result of more than a decade of development, the All-Metal Series scroll vacuum pumps combine numerous innovations pioneered by Air Squared to deliver a design that’s compatible with virtually any working fluid on the planet.

The novelty of the All-Metal Series lies in the elimination of polymer-based tip seals that are common to all oil-free scroll designs. By removing the tip seals and incorporating patented hermetic sealing features, the working fluid is only in contact with precision-machined stainless steel scrolls and a nickel-plated bellows. Additionally, because corrosion-resistant alloys and metals are selected throughout the design, All-Metal Series vacuum pumps can support highly corrosive or high-temperature gases, as well as applications that require zero contamination and leakage, such as processing radioactive tritium and semiconductor manufacturing.

All-Metal Series Advantages

100% Oil-Free
Non-contacting scroll configuration that requires no lubrication
All-Metallic Wetted Materials
No tip seals and only stainless steel or nickel wetted parts for compatibility with virtually any working fluid
Hermetically Sealed Design
Sealed design and static sealing surfaces for positive containment and contamination-free operation
Stainless Steel Construction
Stainless steel fixed and orbiting scroll for corrosion resistance
Reliable, Durable Solution
No wearing surfaces for long product life
High-Vacuum Performance
Deep vacuum capability without the need for a backing pump

All-Metal Series Applications

  • Tritium Processing
  • Fusion Fuel Cycle
  • Fission Fuel Cycle
  • Magnetic Fusion
  • Radioactive Isotope Production
  • Industrial Gas Processing
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing

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