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Patented Semi-Hermetic Series™ scroll compressors from Air Squared have static sealing and are 100% oil-free, resulting in minimal leakage and compatibility with a wide range of working fluids.

Semi-Hermetic Series scroll compressors are 100% oil-free and fully enclosed scroll designs with no dynamic sealing. Instead of using a shaft seal, patented semi-hermetic configurations from Air Squared use a magnetic coupling, canned or integrated motor, providing negligible leak rates and allowing for serviceability over the life of the product.

While fluid compatibility and application-specific requirements should be evaluated by Air Squared to ensure safe and reliable operation, most standard configurations are compatible with air, helium, nitrogen, CO2, natural gas, and argon. Optional configurations and modifications are available to provide compatibility with hydrogen, oxygen, and other working fluids.

Semi-Hermetic Series Advantages

100% Oil-Free
Maintain the purity of your system with oil-free scroll technology
Semi-Hermetic Design
No dynamic seals with patented sealing configurations
Fully Enclosed
Immersion protection and compatibility with gases other than air
Quiet, Smooth Operation
Dynamically balanced, valve-less, and nearly pulsation-free
Reliable, Durable Solution
Extended life, long service intervals, and simple field maintenance
Efficient Performance
Continuous compression process with no re-expansion or throttling losses

Semi-Hermetic Series Applications

  • Industrial Gas Processing
  • Nitrogen and Oxygen Generation
  • Natural Gas Booster
  • Fuel Cell Hydrogen Recirculation
  • Organic Vapor Compression
  • Organic Solvent Extraction
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing
  • Process Gas Recovery

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Qualified OEMs should consult Air Squared for custom configurations and application specific requirements.

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