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All-Metal Scroll Vacuum Pumps for Fusion Energy
Scroll Technology for Tritium Processing

The result of more than a decade of development, All-Metal Series scroll vacuum pumps from Air Squared are a "drop-in" replacement for legacy pumps and capable of pumping radioactive tritium from 15 m3/hr up to 40 m3/hr.

In 2006, Air Squared demonstrated a first-generation tritium-compatible vacuum pump for Savannah River National Laboratory. In the years since, Air Squared has launched a third-generation 15 m3/hr all-metal scroll vacuum pump in limited production, successfully demonstrated a 40 m3/hr design, and developed a 75 m3/hr design for fusion energy systems.

All-Metal SeriesTM scroll vacuum pumps from Air Squared are a "drop-in" replacement for legacy Normetex vacuum pumps in tritium processing applications and offer superior performance, significant weight reduction, and improved cost.

Products for Tritium Processing

100% Oil-Free
Non-contacting scroll configuration that requires no lubrication
All-Metallic Wetted Materials
No tip seals and only metallic wetted surfaces for compatibility with a wide range of working fluids
Hermetically Sealed Design
Sealed design and static sealing surfaces for positive containment and contamination-free operation
High-Vacuum Performance
Deep vacuum capability
Reliable and Durable Solution
Long product life and simple field maintenance
Retrofit Legacy Tritium Pumps
Drop-in replacement for aging Tritium vacuum pumps
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Tritium Processing
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Designed for Tritium Processing

All-Metal Series™ scroll vacuum pumps have only metallic wetted materials, allowing for compatibility with virtually any working fluid.

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Tritium Processing
Technology Innovation


All-metal scroll technology allows oil-free scroll designs to be compatible with virtually any working fluid, even radioactive, toxic, or corrosive gases.

Flow0 to 2,500 lpmv
Vacuum1,013 to 0.026 mbara
Fluid CompatibilityVirtually Any

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