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Scroll Expanders for Waste Heat Recovery
Scroll Technology for Waste Heat Recovery

Air Squared has nearly two decades of experience designing custom scroll expanders for waste heat recovery systems, ranging in output power from 300 W up to 80 kW.

In 2006, Air Squared demonstrated our expander design - a 1 kW scroll expander for a small-scale organic Rankine cycle. In the years since, Air Squared has demonstrated large-scale scroll expanders, applied proprietary spinning and staged scroll technology to reduce size and weight, completed an advanced test rig to support expander validation, and even designed two compact ORC systems of our own. Air Squared has more scroll expander design experience than any company in the world and can deliver a custom solution for your application specifications in as little as six months.

Demonstration Expanders for Scaled System Testing

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Waste Heat Recovery
Custom Design and Development

Air Squared has delivered over thirty custom scroll expanders designs, ranging in output power from 300 W up to 80 kW.

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Gasses Other Than Air

With several patented semi-hermetic configurations, scroll expanders can accommodate a wide range of working fluids.


When minimal power consumption is critical, leverage the inherent efficiency advantage of scroll technology.

Waste Heat Recovery
Technology Innovation


Semi-hermetic scroll technology allows oil-free scroll designs to be compatible with numerous gases by incorporating one of four unique sealing configurations.

Flow0 to 1,500 lpmv
Pressure0 to 13 barg
Vacuum1,013.25 to 0.1 mbara
Fluid CompatibilityAir, CO2, CO, N, Ar, He, SF6, Natural Gas, CH4, Refrigerant, H2, O2, NH3, CH4, Steam, Other

Design Experience Range

Product Line Coverage


Spinning scroll technology allows scroll designs to operate at higher speeds, providing a substantial size and weight reduction.

Flow0 to 600 lpmv
Pressure0 to 3 barg
Expander Output0 to 7 kWe

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