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Liquid-Cooled Scroll Technology

Designed and Manufactured in the USA

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Scroll Technology 101

Advanced by Air Squared for Over Thirty Years

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Scroll Compressors and Vacuum Pumps

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Thirty Years of Scroll Technology Innovation
Welcome to Air Squared

We derive value from a single core competency – oil-free scroll technology

Air Squared is the industry leader in oil-free scroll design and manufacturing, with more experience and more oil-free scroll models than any other company.

A growing Global Footprint
Scroll Technology Applied

Scroll compressors and vacuum pumps from Air Squared support some of the most advanced and fastest-growing applications in the world – from commercial EV platforms to oxygen generation on the surface of Mars

Scroll Technology For
Medical OEMs

Scroll Technology For
Future Transportation

Scroll Technology For

Scroll Technology For
Clean Energy

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Limitless Capability
Custom Scroll Design and Development

With the ability to deliver custom scroll solutions in under six months and hundreds of successful projects to our credit, your compressor or vacuum pump can be designed, prototyped, validated, and manufactured at volume with the confidence of knowing you have the ideal scroll solution.

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