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Scroll Refrigeration Compressors for Aerospace

Scroll Technology for Vapor-Compression Refrigeration

Air Squared has the experience and capability to support unique refrigeration applications with system-level design and custom scroll refrigeration compressors.

Vapor-compression refrigeration is a common refrigeration cycle used in numerous mobile applications, from automobile air conditioning to environmental control systems on board military airframes. A compressor is at the heart of vapor-compression refrigeration systems (VCRS), superheating saturated vapor from the evaporator and circulating it to the condenser, with lubricated scroll and reciprocating compressors being the two most commonly used.

With over thirty years of scroll design experience, the Thermal Systems Group at Air Squared is uniquely positioned to support VCRSs with a range of unique scroll solutions.

  • Oil-free scroll refrigeration technology delivers efficient and high-pressure performance without lubrication. The technology is ideally suited for aerospace and space VCRSs where the zero-gravity or hypergravity environment makes oil circulation challenging.
  • Using an Oldham ring or idler shaft arrangement, Air Squared can deliver custom lubricated scroll refrigeration compressors for mobile applications where size and weight are critical.
  • With in-house testing capability specifically for refrigeration applications, Air Squared offers various system-level services, including design, prototyping, testing, and data collection.

Vapor-Compression Refrigeration
Technology Innovation

#Oil-less Refrigeration

Oil-free scroll refrigeration technology makes the numerous advantages of oil-free scroll compressors available for vapor-compression refrigeration applications.

Cooling Capacity60 W to 11 kW
Volumetric EfficiencyUp to 85%
Fluid CompatibilityHFC Refrigerant

Design Experience Range

Product Line Coverage

Vapor-Compression Refrigeration
Custom Design and Development

With an ever-expanding range of design capabilities, Air Squared has unique solutions for unique vapor-compression refrigeration systems.

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Oil-Free Design

Oil-free scroll refrigeration technology offers an alternative to traditional lubricated refrigeration compressors.

Gases Other Than Air

With several patented semi-hermetic configurations, scroll compressors can be used for far more than moving air.


When minimal power consumption is critical, leverage the inherent efficiency advantage of scroll technology.

Compact Footprint

Unique scroll arrangements allow scroll designs to fit in small envelopes without sacrificing performance.

Vapor-Compression Refrigeration
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#Vapor-Compression Refrigeration

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