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Two-Stage Scroll Compressor for Vapor Compression Refrigeration

The semi-hermetic and two-stage P07T013A-BLDC-C-SH provides oil-free compression for organic vapor refrigeration and organic solvent extraction applications.

P07T013A-BLDC-C-SH Two-Stage, Semi-Hermetic Scroll Compressor
P07T013A-BLDC-C-SH Two-Stage, Semi-Hermetic Scroll Compressor

Designed as the driving compressor in the innovative Zero-Gravity Vapor Compression Refrigerator for space-bound food storage, the two-stage and semi-hermetic P07T013A-BLDC-C-SH scroll compressor is adaptable for several commercial refrigeration applications. The semi-hermetic housing facilitates compatibility with different working fluids, including air, inert gases, and refrigerants. The Two-stage design minimizes size and power requirements while maximizing pressure capability.

Design Specifications

  • Volume Ratio: 7.8
  • Displacement: 6.86 cm3 / Rev.
  • Nominal Flow Rate: 16 lpmv
  • Max. Flow Rate: 20 lpmv
  • Nominal Speed: 3,000 RPM
  • Max. Speed: 3,500 RPM
  • Discharge Pressure: 7.8 bara
  • Burst Pressure Rating: 20 bara
  • Working Fluid: Inert Gases and Organic Refrigerants