Scroll Technology

Not familiar with scroll technology? Have basic questions about compressors, vacuum pumps or expanders? This is the best place to start for a basic understanding of the technology behind Air Squared.

What is scroll technology? It’s the common technology behind scroll-type compressors, vacuum pumps, and expanders. They are generally defined as positive displacement devices having orbital motion and interleaving scrolls used to compress, pump, or expand fluids. Sound complicated? It actually isn’t. In fact, scroll-type devices are often referred to informally as “the elegant solution,” due to their simplistic design and quiet, smooth operation.

The namesake of traditional scroll-type designs are the two primary components, an orbiting scroll and a fixed scroll. The orbiting scroll is coupled to a crankshaft that orbitsthe scroll eccentrically, following a fixed pathwith respect to the mating (fixed) scroll, creating a series of crescent-shaped pockets between the two scrolls.

In the case of a scroll compressor, the working fluid moves from the periphery (inlet) towards the center (discharge) through increasingly smaller pockets, generating compression. Similar principles apply for a scroll vacuum pump and a scroll expander.

Scroll Technology History