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High-Temperature Hydrogen Recirculation Pump for Fuel Cell

Uniquely designed for high-temperature mixed gas hydrogen production, the P13H032A-BLDC-SH semi-hermetic scroll compressor incorporates several innovations in one versatile fuel cell recirculation pump.

P13H032A-BLDC-SH Scroll Hydrogen Recirculation Pump
P13H032A-BLDC-SH Scroll Hydrogen Recirculation Pump

State-of-the-art fuel cell stacks run most efficiently on pure hydrogen (H2); however, clean supply is often economically prohibitive. To solve this, the Department of Energy has invested in several pilot projects to accelerate the development of on-demand electrolysis H2 fuel separation from humid mixed-gas streams, including natural gas (CH4), syngas, and others for direct use in mobile and stationary fuel cell applications. High-temperature (above 120 ⁰C) humid gases are necessary to increase the efficiency of the fuel cell and reduce contaminate deposition on catalyst surfaces. To meet the need for next-generation solid oxide electrolyzer cell (SOEC) fuel production, Air Squared has devloped the semi-hermetic P13H032A-BLDC-SH scroll recirculation pump, capable of handling high-temperature, humid, mixed gases.

Designed from the ground up for use with most hydrogenated gases, the P13H032A-BLDC-SH integrates several patented innovations. The high-clearance involutes control thermal expansion during compression, maintaining efficiency while mitigating catalyst deposition. An integrated liquid-cooled motor protects the internal componentry from burn-out while handling the high-temperature gases. The lightweight, compact scrolls sit within an oil-free semi-hermetic housing, mitigating leakage and safety hazards when pumping H2. The high-temperature drivetrain geometry prevents seizure, while the isolated bearings and motor resist corrosion.

Design Specifications

  • Max. Pressure Differential: 0.35 bar
  • Burst Pressure: 10 bara
  • Semi-Hermetic Leak Rate: 1.0 x 10-7 (Torr – l/sec.)
  • Max. Volume Flow: 95 lpmv
  • Displacement: 35 cm3/Rev.
  • Max. Speed: 3,600 RPM
  • Motor: 24 V Brushless DC
  • Max. Operating Temperature: 135 ºC
  • Dimmensions: 223 mm x 129 mm x 123 mm