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Miniature, High-Pressure, Liquid-Cooled Scroll Compressor

Integrating patented liquid-cooled scroll technology in an incredibly compact design, the P11H022A-LC can support automotive applications with high-pressure and 100% oil-free air delivery.

P11H022A-LC Miniature, Liquid-Cooled, Oil-Free Scroll Compressor
P11H022A-LC Miniature, Liquid-Cooled, Oil-Free Scroll Compressor

Following the adoption of oil-free scroll technology for electric heavy-duty truck air-braking systems, Air Squared identified a unique market need for a scaled-down compressor design that can support auxiliary air systems. Applying patented liquid-cooled scroll technology at a smaller scale, Air Squared developed the P11H022A-LC to provide high-pressure air delivery for autonomous vehicle sensor cleaning, air suspension, and utility air.

Integrated liquid cooling allows the P11H022A-LC scroll compressor to achieve over 18 barg discharge pressure in a package not much larger than a coffee mug. Effective liquid cooling provides a thermal barrier between the compression process and bearings used to fix the orbital motion of the orbiting scroll, allowing for long service intervals, even at high-pressure and high-temperature operation. The use of liquid cooling also allows all components to be arranged in an enclosed housing, providing ideal immersion protection for applications with harsh environmental conditions.

After successfully testing initial P11H022A-LC prototypes using an independent drive, Air Squared will identify an integrated BLDC motor solution that will be incorporated in second-generation prototypes in 2022.

Design Specifications

  • Volume Ratio: 3.76
  • Displacement: 23.6 cm3/Rev.
  • Nominal Performance: 57 slpm at 13.6 barg
  • Max. Speed: 3,600 RPM
  • Max. Discharge Pressure: 18 bara
  • Max. Volume Flow: 65 lpmv
  • Max. Speed: 3,600 RPM
  • Motor: Independent Drive
  • Dimensions: 122 mm x 146 mm x 142 mm