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Compact Waveguide Pressurization Scroll Compressor

The P09H017A oil-free scroll compressor is compact, lightweight, and designed to support modern defense avionics systems.

P09H017A Compact Scroll Compressor for Waveguide Pressurization
P09H017A Compact Scroll Compressor for Waveguide Pressurization

Next-generation military aircraft utilize sophisticated electronic countermeasure (ECM) systems to ensure safety and execute mission objectives. A critical component of ECMs are waveguide pressurization systems that direct radio waves in a particular direction and can be used both offensively and defensively. ECM systems require a set pressurized volume supplied with clean and dry air to ensure the accuracy of the emitted radio waves.

The P09H017A oil-free scroll compressor provides efficient and reliable performance in a compact and lightweight design. The unit is capable of supporting a waveguide pressurization system at altitude (ie., up to 50,000 feet), has sealing features to prevent moisture, dirt, and debris, and uses an independent motor configuration that can accommodate various drive requirements.

Design Specifications

  • Volume Ration: 3.0
  • Displacement: 15.24 cm3/Rev.
  • Nominal Volume Flow: 33 lpmv
  • Nominal Speed: 2,750 RPM
  • Max. Discharge Pressure: 3.5 bara
  • Max. Volume Flow: 50 lpmv
  • Max. Speed: 3,600 RPM
  • Motor: Independent Drive
  • Weight: 2.8 kg
  • Dimensions: 101 mm x 123 mm x 102 mm