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Extremely Quiet Miniature Compressor for Medical Applications

The P05H012A-BLDC-C is poised to become the smallest and quietest production scroll compressor offered by Air Squared.

P05H012A-BLDC-C Miniature Scroll Compressor
P05H012A-BLDC-C Scroll Compressor for Medical Applications

The low-cost natural gas compressor development funded by Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy (ARPA-E) is already paying dividends for future standard scroll compressor offerings. With successful development of the P05H012A-BLDC-C, the unit is likely to be the first production-ready model utilizing design and manufacturing technology learned from the government-funded cost reduction campaign. The compressor will be a flagship standard product for the medical industry. Once in full production, it will be very affordable and easy to integrate.

Aggressively small and inexpensive, the P05H012A-BLDC-C squeezes into a tiny envelope and weighs under a pound. Even more impressive is the ultra-low noise – the unit is barely audible when running. Extensive reliability testing is scheduled throughout 2018. By 2019 the P05H012A-BLDC-C is expected to be fully validated and in full volume production.

Design Specifications

  • Max. Discharge Pressure: 1 barg
  • Max. Volume Flow: 5 lpmv
  • Max. Power: 20 We
  • Max. Speed: 3,000 RPM
  • Motor: 12 V Brushless DC
  • Nominal Sound Level: < 35 dB(A)
  • Net Weight: 0.85 lb
  • Dimensions: 66 mm x 65 mm x 63 mm

UPDATE (October 8th, 2018) – The P05H012A-BLDC-C is now available in full production. Volume production for a second generation design with features for further cost reduction is planned in Q2 2019.