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All-Metal Hermetic Scroll Vacuum Pump

The V16H034D-BLDC-H-SS hermetically sealed scroll vacuum pump does not require tip seals, resulting in only metallic wetted materials - ideal for handling corrosive or toxic gases.

V16H034D-BLDC-H-SS All-Metal Hermetic Scroll Vacuum Pump
V16H034D-BLDC-H-SS All-Metal Hermetic Scroll Vacuum Pump

The result of a decade-long development effort, the all-metal V16H034D-BLDC-H-SS vacuum pump is a milestone achievement for Air Squared. In 2006, a first-generation vacuum pump was delivered to Savannah River National Laboratory for processing radioactive tritium, with second-generation completed in 2014. Following nearly ten years of testing and analysis, the third-generation V16H034D-BLDC-H-SS represents the first all-metal scroll design to successfully demonstrate across all critical performance metrics, without the need for tip seals or lubricant.

  • 100% Oil-Free
  • Hermetically Sealed
  • All-Metallic Wetted Materials
  • Stainless Steel Scroll Construction
  • Reliable and Durable

The V16H034D-BLDC-H-SS operates 100% oil-free, using three idler shafts to position one scroll relative to the other. While this configuration is common to most Air Squared oil-free scroll designs, the unit also eliminates the need for polymer tip seals. Alternatively, the non-contacting scrolls rely on state-of-the-art high-precision machining, which allows for tighter running clearances than what is typically seen in traditional oil-free scroll designs.

To classify the V16H034D-BLDC-H-SS as “hermetic,” the unit features an electroformed bellows between the fixed scroll and orbiting scroll, and metal O-rings between all static sealing surfaces. The metal bellows also hermetically separates the working fluid from all non-metallic hardware (i.e. bearings and motor).

By using a hermetic bellows configuration without tip seals, all wetted materials are metallic, as the process fluid only comes in contact with the fixed scroll, orbiting scroll, and bellows. The V16H034D-BLDC-H-SS features stainless steel scrolls and a nickel bellows, resulting in a product that is corrosion-resistant, as well as leak-free, contamination-free, and highly durable.

UPDATE (December 26th, 2018) – Air Squared has released the V16H034A-AC-H-SS all-metal, hermetic, scroll vacuum pump as a replacement for the V16H034D-BLDC-H-SS. The next generation design is capable of pumping 15 m3/hr and incorporates several features for improved life and reliability.