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Fuel Cell Hydrogen Recirculation Pump

P16H034C-BLDC-SH semi-hermetic scroll compressor for hydrogen recirculation in mobile fuel cell applications.

P16H034C-BLDC-SH Fuel Cell Hydrogen Recirculation Pump

Weighing just 2.2 kg, the compact P16H034C-BLDC-SH delivers 100 lpm of hydrogen, with a 0.25 bard pressure rise. The semi-hermetic unit is designed to recirculate humidified hydrogen in fuel-cell-powered fork lifts.

The goal of the project was to develop a semi-hermetic hydrogen pump that offers improved reliability and efficiency over diaphragm pumps currently used in the market. With fewer moving parts than traditional reciprocating designs, scroll technology is inherently more reliable.

While most semi-hermetic compressors from Air Squared use various patented features for sealing (e.g. magnetic coupling), the P16H034C-BLDC-SH is the first to include the motor in the pressure envelope. This design feature significantly reduces the cost of volume production.