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11 kW Semi-Hermetic Steam Scroll Expander

The belt-driven E28H080A-SH easily integrates with a generator to deliver 11 kW output power in waste heat recovery systems.

E28H080A-SH 11 kW Steam Expander

The E28H080A-SH is designed to expand 170 ºC steam at 9 barg, down to 1.5 barg. At the maximum running speed of 3,600 RPM, the scroll expander is capable of 11-13 kW output power. The expander displaces approximately 196 cm3 per revolution, and has a volume ratio of 4.5.

Steam, as a working fluid, presents a unique challenge for oil-free scroll devices, as bearings are susceptible to corrosion. To accommodate this, the expander uses a patented bellows configuration which separates the working fluid from non-corrosion-resistant components. Although intended for use with steam, the semi-hermetic design can handle virtually any gas that is compatible with aluminum and stainless steel.

Air Squared is currently developing a second generation prototype for use with various refrigerants. The unit will be complete by Q4 of 2015.