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2.5 kW Semi-Hermetic Cast Iron Scroll Expander for Versatile Operation

The E14H027A-SH-CI lubricated scroll expander can operate over a wide range of inlet temperatures, inlet pressures, and working fluids, to provide over 2.5 kWe output power.

E14H074A-SH-CI Semi-Hermetic Cast Iron Scroll Expander
E14H027A-SH-CI Semi-Hermetic Cast Iron Scroll Expander

With durable cast iron construction, the E14H027A-SH-CI can be used with many different working fluids, and at pressures and temperatures higher than most expanders. It has a maximum inlet pressure of 25 bara and a maximum inlet temperature of 200 ºC.

Designed for waste heat recovery on a semi-truck, the expander is very robust. The unit was designed for 3,600 RPM, offering a compact design for space-constrained applications. The expander utilizes Air Squared’s patented magnetic coupling design and features oil injection access for lubricated operation.

Design Specifications

  • Norminal Output: 2.5 kWe
  • Working Fluid: R245fa, R134a, and other Refrigerants
  • Volume Ratio: 5.7
  • Displacement: 10 cm3/Rev.
  • Max. Speed: < 3,600 RPM
  • Max. Inlet Pressure: < 25 bara
  • Max. Inlet Temperature: < 200 ºC