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Air Squared Projects

Miniature Vacuum Pump for Handheld Mass Spectrometry

The miniature two-stage V05T010A-BLDC-C vacuum pump is one of the smallest scroll devices ever designed.

V05T010A-BLDC-C Miniature Two-Stage Scroll Vacuum Pump

For sensing hazardous material in a handheld mass spectrometer, the compact and lightweight V05T010A-BLDC-C is 50mm by 30mm and weighs just under 250 grams. The unit is one of the smallest Air Squared designs to date and the first miniature pump to incorporate patented two-stage vacuum technology.

The scope of the design project called for an efficient, miniature, and lightweight vacuum pump, capable of under 1 torr of vacuum.

In 2014, Air Squared will investigate four additional miniature vacuum pump designs for the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA). The units will incorporate new design features to further reduce size and weight.