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Lightweight, Compact, Oil-free Scroll Compressor

The oil-free P24H056A-BLDC scroll compressor delivers high-flow performance in a compact, lightweight design - ideal for mobile applications.

P24H056A-BLDC Lightweight Scroll Compressor

Developed for mobile applications, the oil-free P24H056A-BLDC features a compact and lightweight design, capable of delivering up to 600 lpmv of air at 0.7 barg. The unit is ideal for mobile fuel cell and medical applications.

The efficient compressor employs a traditional orbiting scroll design, but can operate at speeds over 4,000 RPM. While most oil-free scroll products operate closer to 2,800 RPM, the high-speed capability of the P24H056A-BLDC allows for increased performance in a smaller package.

With a variable speed BLDC motor, the P24H056A-BLDC accommodates a wide range of flow conditions for low-pressure applications.