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Two-Stage Helium Scroll Pump

The V07T016A-BLDC-SH was designed specifically for pumping helium as efficiently as possible in a compact size.

V07T016A-BLDC-SH Two-Stage Helium Scroll Pump
V07T016A-BLDC-SH Two-Stage Helium Scroll Pump

Multi-stage scroll technology from Air Squared allows for higher pressure ratios in a compact, lightweight, and efficient design. Typically used by Air Squared in vacuum pump designs that require low absolute pressure, multi-stage scroll technology can also be used to compress gases from low inlet pressures to a higher discharge pressure.

The V07T016A-BLDC-SH was designed to compress helium from a low inlet pressure to a discharge pressure above ambient. The application had a small space envelope and minimal power budget relative to the pressure ratio. The multi-stage configuration greatly reduced size and power consumption compared to a traditional single-stage design. Air Squared also incorporated a semi-hermetic sealed motor configuration that seals the working fluid from ambient.

Design Specifications

  • Suction Volume: 8.4 cm3/Rev.
  • Volume Ratio 23.7
  • Flow Rate: 25 lpmv (Nominal)
  • Inlet Pressure: 10 Torr
  • Discharge Pressure: 1,500 Torr (Nominal)
  • Burst Pressure Rating: 13.8 barg
  • Inlet Temperature: 20 ºC (Nominal)
  • Working Fluid: Helium
  • Operating Speed: 3,000 RPM (Nominal), 3,500 RPM (Maximum)
  • Power Consumption: 50 W (Nominal), 200 W (Maximum)
  • Leak Rate: 10-6 Torr l/s (Nominal)