Organic Rankine Cycle Expander Completed

Development of 12 kW scroll expander designed for waste heat recover complete.

Air Squared, Inc. has finished development on a 12 kW scroll expander. The expander will be used for recover heat using an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC). Featuring a magnetic coupling for pairing to a generator, the unit is available oil-free and lubricated, with the lubricated unit achieving over 80% efficiency.

With an expansion ratio of 4.5 the Organic Rankine Cycle Expander is available in aluminum for temperatures up to 350 °F or stainless steel for temperatures up to 500 °F. Designed for inlet displacement of 0.155 l/Rev. and 200 psia, the scroll expander is an ideal solution for recovery energy using an Organic Rankine Cycle.

Update August 8th, 2015 – A second-generation expander, the E25H074A-SH, is currently in limited production. The unit features aluminum construction and involute changes.

Update May 8th, 2017 – A third-generation expander, the E25H061A-SH-CI, has been released for pre-production. The unit features cast iron construction and involute changes.