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Gases Other Than Air

NASA Funds Parabolic Flight to Qualify Space Refrigerator

Scroll Technology Headed to Mars On Board Perseverance Rover

Spacesuit Spinning Scroll Boost Compressor Development Continues

Low-Cost Spinning Scroll Expander for Improved Class 8 Commercial Transportation Fuel Economy

Spinning Scroll Expander Development Receives Navy STTR Award

Spinning Scroll Compressor Funding Awarded to Support NASA Spacesuit Development

Air Squared Part of Cross-Industry Collaboration Developing Hybrid Power Generation System

Liquid-Cooled, All-Metal Scroll Vacuum Pump Awarded Phase II Funding to Support Fusion Project

CryoScroll™ Fuel Pump Awarded Phase II Funding by NASA

NASA Award Funds Development of Martian Atmosphere Scroll Compressor

Development of Zero-Gravity Refrigeration System Continues

Introducing the Plug and Play Micro-ORC

Cost Barriers Shattered with Low-Cost Pump Development

All-Metal Scroll Pump Development Continues

Development of CryoScroll™ Technology Continues With Funding Through NASA Award

NASA Funds Multi-Stage Scroll Compressor Technology

Space-Bound Refrigeration System Development Funded by NASA

Cryogenic Scroll Pump Awarded Phase I SBIR Funding

Scroll Pump Compatible with Virtually any Working Fluid

ARPA-E Funds Novel CHP System to Power Greener Homes

ORC Concept Awarded SBIR Phase II Funding

Air Squared Awarded Contract to Develop Scroll Compressor in NASA MOXIE Demonstration Unit for Mars 2020 Mission

ORC Concept Receives SBIR Phase I Funding

World’s First Small-Scale Positive Displacement Cryogenic Pump

Scroll Expander Research Completed

Development for Fuel Cell Recirculation Pumps

Organic Rankine Cycle Expander Completed

Compact Scroll Refrigeration Compressor

Semi-hermetic Scroll Compressor

Scroll Expander Produces 1 kW of Quiet Power