Liquid-Cooled Scroll Technology

Patented liquid-cooled scroll technology from Air Squared makes the efficient, quiet, and reliable performance of traditional oil-free scroll compressors available for high-pressure operation.

By introducing effective cooling to the fixed scroll and orbiting scroll, liquid-cooled scroll compressors are capable of operating 100% oil-free at higher pressure ratios and managing elevated temperatures over a wide-range of working fluids.

An oil-free scroll compressor requires tight running clearance between the orbiting scroll and fixed scroll to operate efficiently. As temperature increases with pressure throughout the compression process, mitigating thermal expansion with effective cooling is critical in an oil-free scroll design. While air cooling is adequate at lower pressure ratios, there are numerous benefits associated with liquid cooling at higher pressure ratios. Learn More


100% Oil-Free
Maintain the purity of your system with oil-free scroll technology
Quiet, Smooth Operation
Dynamically balanced, valve-less, and nearly pulsation-free
Efficient, High-Pressure Performance
Liquid cooling for high-pressure operation with volumetric efficiency up to 90%
Sealed or Semi-Hermetic Design
Immersion protection and configurable for gases other than air
Reliable, Durable Solution
Extended life, long service intervals, and simple field maintenance
Compact, Lightweight Design
Space-saving cooling system and fewer moving parts than competing technology


  • Electric and Hybrid Bus
  • Air Braking System
  • Air Suspension System
  • Military Vehicle (Under-the-Hood)
  • Medical, Hospital, and Dental Air System
  • Industrial Air and Gas Processing
  • Natural Gas Booster
  • Nitrogen and Oxygen Generation

Liquid-Cooled Scroll Compressor Products and Projects

Find your oil-free solution through a growing line of liquid-cooled scroll compressors engineered specifically for OEMs and view past projects that supported liquid-cooled scroll technology development.

Liquid-Cooled Scroll Technology Products

P17H043C-BLDC-LC Liquid-Cooled Performance Series™ Scroll Compressor


Max Pressure: 12.5 barg Max Flow: 425 lpmv

Liquid-cooled scroll compressor for high-pressure, quiet and smooth, oil-free performance - ideal for commercial air brake applications

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P17H043B-AC-LC-7HP Liquid-Cooled Scroll Compressor


Max Pressure: 13 barg Max Flow: 430 lpmv

Liquid-cooled scroll compressor for quiet, oil-free, high-pressure performance - ideal for EV applications

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P17H043B-BLDC-LC Liquid-Cooled Scroll Compressor


Max Pressure: 10.5 barg Max Flow: 475 lpmv

Liquid-cooled scroll compressor for high-pressure, oil-free performance - semi-hermetic configuration available

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Liquid-Cooled Scroll Technology Projects

V06H014A-BLDC-SH-LC Semi-Hermetic, Liquid-Cooled, Scroll Vacuum Pump

Scroll Vacuum Pump for the International Space Station

April 13, 2020

The V06H014A-BLDC-SH-LC semi-hermetic, liquid-cooled, scroll vacuum pump is designed to support environmental control and life support systems on board the International Space Station.

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V16H034D-BLDC-H-LC Liquid-Cooled, All-Metal (LCAM) Scroll Vacuum Pump

Liquid-Cooled, All-Metal Scroll Vacuum Pump

May 1, 2018

The V16H034D-BLDC-H-LC is a liquid-cooled, all-metal, hermetic scroll vacuum pump capable of pumping 15 m3/hr and handling virtually any working fluid - ideal for handling corrosive or toxic gases.

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P16H030E-BLDC-LC Liquid-Cooled Scroll Compressor

Quiet, High-Pressure Compressor for Commercial EV

April 28, 2018

The P16H030E-BLDC-LC liquid-cooled scroll compressor delivers high-pressure air at low noise levels for electric vehicle air-braking systems.

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P16H043E-AC-LC Liquid-Cooled Scroll Compressor

Liquid-Cooled Scroll Compressor for Electric Bus

April 2, 2018

The P16H043A-AC-LC liquid-cooled scroll compressor is designed to quietly deliver high-pressure air for all-electric bus air-auxiliary systems.

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P32H076A-BLDC-LC Liquid-Cooled Scroll Compressor for Fuel Cell

Liquid-Cooled Scroll Compressor with Integrated Motor for Fuel Cell Vehicles

January 22, 2016

The P32H076A-BLDC-LC liquid-cooled scroll compressor delivers high-flow efficient performance in an oil-free, reliable, and compact design - ideal for mobile fuel cell applications.

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P32H080A-AC-SH-WC Semi-Hermetic Scroll Compressor with Water Cooling

Semi-Hermetic Scroll Compressor with Integrated Water-Cooling

January 2, 2015

The semi-hermetic P32H080A-AC-SH-WC scroll compressor uses integrated water-cooling to compress helium without the need for lubrication.

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Stainless Recirculation Pump

Stainless O2 and H2 Recirculation Pump

March 14, 2010

Stainless steel hydrogen and oxygen recirculation pump developed for Lockheed Martin’s ISIS program.

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P18H36N6.25 High-Pressure Water-Cooled Scroll Compressor

High-Pressure Water-Cooled Compressor

September 1, 2007

Patented water-cooled scroll compressor for use in US Army vehicles.

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Liquid-Cooled Scroll Technology News

Concept Rendering of Second-Generation Spinning Scroll Boost Compressor for NASA Spacesuit Development

Spacesuit Spinning Scroll Boost Compressor Development Continues

June 24, 2020

Air Squared secures Phase II funding from NASA to fabricate and test a novel spinning scroll boost compressor (SSBC) for next-generation spacesuits.

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ACT Expo 2021 Logo

Advanced Clean Transportation Expo 2021

May 28, 2020

The Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo is the largest “all-in-one” showcase of the advanced clean vehicles, fuels and technologies driving the future of the transportation sector.

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The S351 Dry Combat Submersible Prototype

Comparative Study on Decompression Pumps for Dry Combat Submersible

August 23, 2019

The US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) has awarded Air Squared Phase I SBIR funding for a dry combat submersible (DCS) depressurization feasibility study.

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Large-Scale Liquid-Cooled, All-Metal (LCAM) Scroll Vacuum Pump

Liquid-Cooled, All-Metal Scroll Vacuum Pump Awarded Phase II Funding to Support Fusion Project

October 10, 2018

Air Squared will develop a first-of-its-kind large-scale, liquid-cooled, all-metal (LCAM) vacuum pump compatible with virtually any working fluid with Phase II SBIR funding from the Department of Energy (DOE).

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All-Metal, Hermetic Scroll Vacuum Pump with Integrated Liquid Cooling

All-Metal Scroll Pump Development Continues

August 2, 2017

The DOE has agreed to support the development of a liquid-cooled, all-metal scroll pump, with the ultimate goal of procuring a 150 m3/hr pumping capacity tritium pump.

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Custom Scroll Design

Contact Air Squared to learn how a custom liquid-cooled scroll compressor can support your application by providing the most advanced oil-free, high-pressure compressor solution available.

Advanced Custom Design Capability with Liquid-Cooled Scroll Technology

For over twenty-five years, Air Squared has continuously challenged the limits of possibility with scroll technology. With the intoduction of patented liquid-cooled scroll technology and an ever-expanding range of custom design capability, put our innovations to work in your application.

Oil-Free Scroll Design

Orbiting scroll technology offers a quiet oil-free alternative to traditional technology like piston, diaphragm, and vain.


With patented liquid-cooled scroll technology, scroll compressors can now be designed for pressure ratios that were previously unattainable.

Gases other than Air

With several patented sealed and semi-hermetic configurations, liquid-cooled scroll compressors can be designed for compatibility with a wide-range of working fluids.

Elevated Temperatures

With highly effective liquid cooling, scroll compressors can be designed to withstand harsh temperatures and enviormental conditions.


When minimal power consumption is critical, leverage the inherent efficiency advantage of scroll technology.

Compact Footprint

Liquid cooling allows for a compact scroll compressor design that can fit in tight envelopes without sacrificing reliability or performance.

Liquid-Cooled Scroll Technology Explained

Liquid-cooled scroll technology significantly expands the performance capability of oil-free scroll compressors. This is the best place to start for a basic understanding of the technology behind liquid-cooled scroll designs and how it can support your application.


Range Capability

Flow Rates100 – 3,000 lpmv
Pressures 5 – 15 barg
Volumetric Efficiency Up to 90%

Fluid Compatibility

By Configuration


Semi-Hermetic FeedthroughCO2, He, N2, CO, and Argon

Independent DriveH2, O2, Natural Gas

While liquid cooling for oil-free and lubricated scroll compressor has been investigated in the past, patented liquid-cooled scroll technology from Air Squared offers the first oil-free scroll compressor design that provides effective cooling to both the fixed scroll and orbiting scroll. The patented technology allows coolant to be transferred between the fixed scroll and orbiting scroll without the use of dynamic seals.

Liquid-Cooled Scroll Compressor Demo

Air-cooled scroll compressor designs are pressure-limited because the heat generated during compression causes the primary working components to thermally expand. The thermal expansion causes interference between the fixed scroll and orbiting scroll, eventually leading to mechanical failure. While the running clearance between the fixed scroll and orbiting scroll can be increased to avoid interference, this approach also decreases volumetric efficiency and pressure capability.

Liquid cooling allows for significantly more control over operating temperatures throughout the compression process. By removing heat generated during the compression process more effectively, thermal expansion is mitigated, allowing for high-pressure operation without sacrificing efficiency or reliability.

Sealed and Semi-Hermetic Configurations

Compared to air-cooled scroll compressor designs, liquid cooling offers superior isolation of working fluid to ambient and drive componentry (i.e., motor). Air-cooled compressors cool the fixed scroll and orbiting scroll with ambient air. While this approach is adequate with an open-housing compressor design, air cooling is far less effective if the compression process is fully enclosed (e.g., sealed or semi-hermetic). Liquid-cooling solves this issue by providing highly effective cooling to the fixed scroll and orbiting scroll, even if the compressor is semi-hermetically sealed.

Liquid cooling also operates independently of ambient conditions. This allows for effective cooling even if the compressor is exposed to elevated ambient temperatures – as in under-the-hood vehicle applications.

For operation with flammable gases, such as O2 and H2, the “independent drive” series of liquid-cooled scroll compressors are easily configured with a magnetic coupling that fully isolates the working fluid from the motor.

Drive Configurations

Air Squared offers two drive configurations for liquid-cooled scroll compressor designs.

Integrated Drive Series

The integrated drive configuration uses a liquid-cooled BLDC motor. With liquid cooling available to the motor, as well as the compressor head, liquid-cooled scroll compressors with an integrated drive configuration are more efficient and compact.

With the cooling system fully integrated with both the motor and compressor head, custom motor requirements are difficult with an integrated drive configuration. Operation with flammable gases is also not recommended, as the motor is not isolated from the working fluid.

Independent Drive Series

The independent drive configuration is ideal for customers with custom motor requirements or operation with flammable gases. The independent drive configuration removes all rotating radial loads on the motor bearings, leaving only the torque radial loads. This allows for flexibility in motor selection, as well use of a magnetic drive coupling that fully isolates the motor from the working fluid.

Cooling Loop Integration

If your application requires an independent cooling loop, Air Squared offers integration of a single-phase liquid cooling loop, which includes all necessary hardware to circulate the coolant and discharge thermal energy.

Liquid-cooled scroll technology from Air Squared has a size, efficiency, reliability, noise, and sealing advantage over air-cooled designs. With axillary components (e.g., cooling fins, fans, ducting) no longer necessary, the size and part-count of the compressor are substantially reduced. By running the coolant in close proximity to the compression process, an order of magnitude more heat can be removed during the compression process, which allows more isothermal compression for increased efficiency. The coolant also provides a thermal barrier between the compression process and bearings. This allows the bearings to run much cooler for vastly improved reliability. Because the compressor does not rely on ambient air to directly cool the fixed scroll and orbiting scroll, the compressor housing is enclosed, which offers protection against dust and debris, as well as reduced noise.