With its numerous advantages, scroll technology continues to replace traditional reciprocating, diaphragm, and vane technology in a variety of applications.

100% Oil-Free

Scroll solutions from Air Squared are 100% oil-free.

Quiet, Smooth Performance

Scroll technology operates considerably more quietly and smoothly than competing technology such as reciprocating.

The geometry of the scroll delivers continuous flow and eliminates the need for valves, resulting in significantly less port pulsation and associated noise. The unique orbital motion is dynamically balanced, minimizing vibration and reducing rubbing velocity far below piston rings or vanes. Combined with the absence of several moving parts, scroll technology offers a vast improvement over traditional technologies, with quiet, smooth, pulsation-free operation.

Efficient Operation

Scroll technology eliminates re-expansion losses – a problem found in reciprocating machines with every piston stroke – greatly improving volumetric efficiency. Additionally, throttling losses are nonexistent with the valveless design, making scroll technology the best alternative for power-conscious applications.

Life and Reliability

Scroll technology offers a durable and robust solution, with 70% fewer moving parts than reciprocating technology. With only two primary moving parts, scroll technology’s design is highly reliable and easily serviceable.

Scroll Technology Overview