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12 kW Scroll Expander for Diesel Engine Waste Heat Recovery

The E32H067A-SH 12 kW lubricated scroll expander offers high-efficiency in a robust design - ideal for ORCs using R245fa and other refrigerants.

E32H067A-SH 12 kW Lubricated Scroll Expander
E32H067A-SH 12 kW Lubricated Scroll Expander

The 12 kW E32H067A-SH scroll expander was designed for 8 bara and 90 ºC inlet, and 2 bara discharge using R245fa. A running speed of 3,600 RPM allows a mass flow rate of 0.64 kg/sec. During initial testing, efficiencies of over 80% were achieved.

Designed for the high shock and vibration environment around a diesel engine, the E32H067A-SH is very robust. It exhibits minimal deflection during operation, maintaining high efficiencies and resisting the impacts that would ruin a sensitive turbine expander.

The unit is semi-hermetic and uses a patented magnetic coupling configuration to seal the working fluid from ambient. The oil path allows direct lubrication of the idler bearings with the same lubricant flowing through the expander. Returning the oil from the discharge to the idler bearings ensures constant lubrication for extended operation.