Two-stage Scroll Technology

Compact new vacuum pump draws on patented two-stage scroll technology to provide clean, quiet, reliable performance on portable lab and medical devices

Oil-free, two-stage scroll pump weighs 4 lbs. and measures only 3.75″ x 4.5″ x 6.0″, yet provides lower than 10mt ultimate vacuum

Compact Vacuum Pump Draws on Patented Two-stage Scroll Technology

January 2003 – The compact new two-stage scroll vacuum pump from Air Squared packs large-pump performance into a miniturized profile for use on portable medical and laboratory equipment. Patented two-stage scroll compressor technology allows the pump to provide less than 10 mt ultimate vacuum while measuring only 3.75″ wide x 4.5″ high x 6.0″ long and weighing just 4 lbs. Its lightweight, unobtrusive design makes it easy to integrate onboard portable devices such as vacuum sterilization equipment, detectors and mass spectrometers, as well as laboratory vacuum stations.

The new two-stage pump delivers unprecedented performance for a vacuum pump this size with:

  • Displacement just under 1 CFM.
  • Noise level less than 40 dBA.
  • Power requirements less than 25 watts.
  • Pricing competitive with lower-performing pumps.

The vacuum pump utilizes a brushless DC motor with onboard controls, eliminating the need for expensive controls. Scroll design provides smooth, pulse-free performance, unlike reciprocating units that have noisy valves and excessive vibration. Rotary scroll motion allows dynamic balancing, providing nearly vibration-free operation. The pump’s quiet, oil-free design makes it well suited for clean laboratory and medical environments.

Air Squared will be introducing a “big brother” version of the two-stage oil-free scroll vacuum pump early in 2003.

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