Scroll Technology Innovations Videos

The development lab is continuously engineering ideas that challenge the limits of possibility with scroll technology. Watch videos that showcase some of our favorite recent innovations and subscribe to our Youtube channel for updates on our next big idea.

Cryogenic Spinning Scroll Pump Animation

December 7, 2017

A spinning scroll (often called a “co-rotating scroll”) is a device that can be used as a compressor, expander, or vacuum pump. This animation demonstrates the unique rotary motion during operation of a cryogenic scroll pump designed by Air Squared.


All Metal Oil-Free Scroll Pump Demo

January 26, 2017

The all-metal scroll vacuum pump is hermetically sealed and features stainless steel scrolls without tips seals, resulting in only metallic wetted surfaces – ideal for handling tritium and other radioactive, toxic, or corrosive gases.


Cryogenic Scroll Pump Demo

March 29, 2017

Air Squared has completed the world’s first cryogenic scroll pump — aptly named the “CryoScroll.” The reliable, elegant, electrically driven pump will be capable of pumping multi-phase cryogenic fluids.


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