Air Squared Projects

Semi-Hermetic Scroll Compressor with Integrated Water-Cooling

The semi-hermetic P32H080A-AC-SH-WC scroll compressor uses integrated water-cooling to compress helium without the need for lubrication.

P32H080A-AC-SH-WC Semi-Hermetic Scroll Compressor with Water Cooling
P32H080A-AC-SH-WC Semi-Hermetic Scroll Compressor with Water Cooling

Designed for an industrial gas processing application with high-sensitivity to any contamination of the working fluid, the oil-free P32H080A-AC-SH-WC is capable of compressing helium from 1 bara to 3.5 bara at a flow rate of 1,500 lpmv. The novel scroll compressor incorporates two innovations patented by Air Squared – semi-hermetic design using a magnetic coupling and integrated water-cooling. The scroll compressor operates 100% oil-free and has no dynamic seals.

To compress a unique gas mixture (95% He), without any leakage to ambient or exposure to contamination, the P32H080A-AC-SH-WC features a patented magnetic coupling configuration. Air Squared has several semi-hermetic design options to employ when designing an oil-free scroll device for use with gases other than air. The magnetic coupling configuration was selected to fully isolate the sensitive working fluid from the AC motor.

To manage the elevated temperatures associated with helium compression, the P32H080A-AC-SH-WC has integrated water-cooling. Water jackets on the fixed and orbiting scroll ensures adequate heat dissipation in the sealed enclosure.