High-Pressure Scroll Natural Gas Booster

The P20H033A semi-hermetic scroll compressor has an inlet pressure rating over 100 bar, for oil-free operation with natural gas.

P20H033A-AC-SH Semi-Hermetic Scroll Compressor

P20H033A-AC-SH Scroll Natural Gas Booster

The P20H033A represents a milestone in scroll technology innovation, achieving the highest discharge pressure ever recorded on a scroll compressor. Using a volume ratio of 1.3, the compressor is engineered to boost natural gas from 110 bara to 113 bara. The heavy-duty design operates 100% oil-free and displaces 100 cm3/ Rev. at a max. running speed of 1,800 RPM.

To avoid contamination of the high-pressure natural gas, the design uses the same oil-free scroll technology Air Squared is known for, along with a magnetic coupling configuration. This magnetic coupling configuration allows the unit to be classified as “semi-hermetic” and isolates the motor from the pressure envelope. While engineered for use with natural gas, the patented semi-hermetic sealing features make the unit compatible a number of working fluids, opening the door for use in several new industrial gas applications.

P20H033A development required several design iterations, extensive safety validation, and spanned a period of over four years. Pilot product is planned for 2017, with sample units available by the end of the second quarter.

December 2, 2016

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